19/22 Maggio 2010
Carrara Marmotec

SPA Guglielmo Vennai è presente alla fiera internazionale del marmo con una stand di grande successo


Le Cave

Guglielmo Vennai SpA was founded by some amongst the major Carrara stone professionals back in 1920. The white marble quarries run by our Company are amongst the oldest and most prestigious quarries of the whole district. They are located in Carrara, precisely in the Fantiscritti marble basin and included quarries named "Ciresuola, Carbonera, Strinato e Tagliate". Quarried materials are classified as follows: Bianco Carrara C extra, Bianco Carrara C, Bianco Carrara CD, Bianco Carrara D and, to a small extent, Bardiglio Nuvolato. Please note that the excavation management has always been followed directly by the Company's partners over the years smoothly without breaks.


Tradizione ed esperienza

G. Vennai SpA, thanks to the collaboration of 30 employees and a very large and efficient machinery fleet of the latest generation , can produce a quantity of marble blocks equal around 60.000,00 tons annually.

Commercial links with associated producers bring the total output to 100.000,00 tons per year.
Thanks to this substantial quantity our Company is able to carry out any project, even of a large size, ensuring utmost uniformity and high quality control.